Executive Search


Excelsior's main focus is to source high caliber professionals for our client organisations. Every job is unique and the needs of each client vary. We will help you in identifying and hiring the right candidate for your specific requirements; using the expertise of our consultants. Excelsior has a strategy of building long term partnerships and successful relationships with our clients and candidates. 

Recruitment Services


Recruitment projects are handled as a turnkey project where the job requires the recruitment, selection and employment of  a larger number of personnel from within a country or from numerous countries. The scope of work includes setting up a project schedule, validating job orders with the relevant government offices. 

Excelsior's team will arrange the interviews, document delivery and subsequent mobilisation of the new employees within predetermined schedules.

An experienced project manager is dedicated to the project to ensure smooth delivery. 

Management Consultancy


We aim to improve the performance of our clients, by analyzing the existing organizational problems and development of plans tailored towards the client's specific business improvement. Our methodologies include innovative and Strategic Ideas to alter and improve the current scenario, develop policies and procedures and also carry out management studies thereby giving you the result you desire.

By Developing strong relationships with our clients we are able to fully understand the dynamics of their organisation and work with them to provide strategies to support and improve performance.

HR Consultancy


HR forms the backbone of any organisation. At Excelsior, we support clients with their HR needs by providing them our expert tailor made solutions ; by strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations.

Coordinate the creation and implementation of an action or corrective plan, and when required, organize and coordinate cross-functional Human Resource teams to assist the client with developing and implementing performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes.

CV Writing


CV Writing 

Are you struggling to get your CV noticed by recruiters and employers?

Is your resume not getting the desired results?

Is making an impressive CV becoming an ongoing challenge? 

Would you feel more comfortable having your CV reviewed or built up by experts?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then Excelsior CV Writing Services would be the key to resolving your CV writing or updating challenge. 

Our experienced team are here to help you improve your CV and make it ATS compliant (Applicant Tracking System). With the volume of CVs received by employers and recruiters in response to job vacancies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to go through each CV received. The companies and recruiters pass the CVs received via the Applicant Tracking System which works basically on the basis of certain keywords for specific jobs based on the employer’s requirements. Even a majority of the job portals have an ATS in place, making it that if your CV does not have the keywords used by employers and recruiters, it does not even come up in the search.

It is often said that an employer will not spend more than 30 seconds scanning a CV and therefore you have to stand out immediately to be noticed. We at Excelsior will help you rewrite, reformat and insert the keywords to help you stand out. The advantage we have is that , in addition to providing CV writing services, we are also recruitment  company well aware of the keywords to look for when the CV is scanned.

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Education Consultancy


Bespoke, Affordable Education Solutions

Using our expertise in Executive search, recruitment, HR & Management Consultancy along with our experienced Education consultant we can offer you:

Leadership and Management Consultancy – Expert Support and Guidance

With over 20 years experience in working in the Early Years in both the UK and the UAE, we provide a range of flexible leadership and management consultancy options and packages. Providing support for those working in Nurseries, Kindergartens and other Early Years settings, with meeting the Ministry of Education, KHDA and other regulators requirements.

Early Years Consultancy – Make a Head Start

Are you looking to open a new nursery? Or perhaps you have a nursery and you would like some inspiration for taking it to the 'next level'. Our experienced Early Years Education consultants can come and carry out 'Quality Support' visits.

Education Recruitment

It is so important to have high calibre, qualified and experienced education professionals working in your nursery, kindergarten, school or other educational establishment. At Excelsior Education, we take time to understand your need. We will then work to ensure that we find you the right candidate, in an affordable and timely manner.