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Excelsior is a bespoke Executive Search, HR, Management and Recruitment consultancy, specialising in a number of sectors. 

Excelsior provides a high quality, reliable and affordable solution to companies. 

Using our team's vast knowledge accross many sectors, we strive to provide you with the best business services that we can, to maximise your company's performance and provide the support for your growth.

At Excelsior, we will ensure that we listen and take time to understand your requirements, providing you with candidates who we feel fulfilled your needs. 

 We offer a range of services to meet your HR and Recruitment needs:

Executive Search

Providing a reliable search service to our local and International clients. We strive to provide you with an effective and affordable service that consistently delivers high quality solutions to you. We always aim to provide you with the best candidates at a high service level in a timely manner. 

Recruitment Services

Our highly experienced consultants work with clients to ensure that we deliver a bespoke recruitment service that ensures that we find the right candidate(s) for your organisation. Our consultants have international recruitment experience as well as local market knowledge across a diverse range of sectors. We are also able to manage turnkey recruitment projects locally and where required in bulk from overseas. 

Management Consultancy

So often it can be easy to get caught up in day to day company operations and lose sight of where you are going. We have a team of experienced consultants whom held senior corporate roles previously, on hand to work with you to effect change. We believe in a 'hands on' approach, transferring skills and ensuring that the changes remain well after we have left. We ensure that we identify the needs of individual companies - their culture, needs and team make up and then tailor what we do to meet their unique specification. 

HR Consultancy 

Human Resources is an integral part to any successful business. Your company's team is the best asset you have. HR is the tool by which you ensure that your business and your people are aligned and share your vision. Excelsior is pleased to be offering a flexible and practical range of employment support services that meet your business needs. We have a range of consultancy packages, business support functions and ad-hoc services, which will support you to focus on managing your business. Our team members are knowledgable HR Professionals who have worked internationally and locally and bring with them a range of best practices to meet your company needs. 

Don't wait for talent to find you, use Excelsior now to help bring the right talent for your organisation now. 

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